We have been using BP and working with Alistair and his team at Lyons Systems for 15 years now.

BreakerPRO has become an integral part of our business and has helped us to improve part sales year on year.

Lyons Systems' continued development and investment into the operating system adding such features as the work order process, eBay and online sales platform integration and now adding the part manufacturer numbering update has enhanced the functionality of BreakerPRO.

Our sales and inventory team are always in contact with Alistair and his team who are very proactive in developing and enhancing the functions and user experience of BreakerPRO.

Their latest development, manufacturer part numbering integration is a massive addition that will not only save our sales and inventory staff valuable time it will increase the accuracy and efficiency in how we sell and process our parts.

Donie - Donie Comerford Auto Spares

Within the first year of using BreakerPRO we were able to organize, analyze and promote our inventory in a way not possible to us before. The software tools provided are reliable, user friendly and overnight gave us access to overseas markets/platforms that were a huge boost for our company.

The support and training is close and personal so you really get to know the system. It's also flexible, allowing us to tailor to our own specific needs and all our customization requests are dealt with in a fast and professional manner. If you do ever run into an issue BreakerPRO offer offers great support channels such as online chat and a punctual ticket system so you are never too far from a helping hand.

BreakerPRO allows you to manage inventory, sales and staff all in one simple/affordable package and we are extremely happy to work be working with them.

Charley - Bob Sweeney & Autotowing Ltd

BreakerPRO consistently spend time constantly upgrading there systems and processes to help businesses be more efficient, they ask what will make things easier and what do we need, and actually work to get these implemented.

They have very clear simple processes making it very user friendly, and there always to hand if you do get stuck.

Many more developments in the pipeline also which we look forward to using.

Kelly - The Salvo Group

Good system with great service when needed. User friendly program with lots of different options to use for your business. Support is excellent and very quick.

Angela - Knowsley Car Dismantlers

We've been with Ally and the team at BreakerPRO for a couple of years now, and we couldn't be happier with the service we've been provided with, a nice and easy switch over of inventory systems, which was extremely helpful considering our amount of stock.

BreakerPRO has been a very user friendly system, which has been near faultless and makes our system of work much much easier and quicker. Dealing with Ally has been a pleasure as any problems or queries have been responded to and resolved instantly. Always had a transparent relationship with BreakerPRO which has been key as any of our idea's have always been taken into consideration.

The consistent improvements and adaptations of BreakerPro gives us the confidence to continue with the service and it allow's us to stay competitive in the industry, also the communication between both parties has always been a key reason as to why we've had a successful couple of years that we've been together.

It's a no brainer system to use for your business to use as it allow's you to keep track of your work load in a quick and professional manner, whilst being the most affordable, efficent system on the market.

Dwight - Parts 4 Pickups

Excellent system, very easy to use compared to other software we have used, items can be added to our inventory very quickly, we also have our website hosted by BreakerPRO with all our inventory stock displayed on our own site which has increased sales, this software has helped our business move forward a lot!!

Excellent Service and Excellent support along the way! The team are always at hand to help and they are constantly improving the system and adding new fetures so just keeps on getting better and better

Avi - Part Shop UK

I've had BreakerPRO for over 10 years and would not hesitate to recommend their system to anyone. I would go as far as saying you will get behind if you don't.

Using a professional tool like this has been paramount to my success. I now have over 16,000 eBay listings, 100 Feedback and Top rated seller as this tool makes it easy and quick to complete each sale so we get no defects.

It's integrations are also worth noting as they create an impressive amount of online visibility and extra sales.

Mark - Volvo Saab Breakers

We have been using BreakerPRO for a number of years now and managed to list over 80,000 second-hand car parts using their software in this time. However, we imagine that number will be much higher over the next two years thanks to the many features they have added which have helped improve out efficiency.

For example, the new Safety Recalls Management system they've implemented makes it much easier to track and manage all our safety recalls. Also, the new laser scanner option on the app has made the process of storing our items at least 3x faster.

BreakerPRO have been great to work with and are always willing to help. We can't fault them or thank them enough!

John - Baxenden Car Breakers

Excellent software and always improving. Easily manage your stock and increase productivity.

The system is really good for organisation and keeping track of stock. Generates more sales from the various platforms the parts are listed on all without messing about spending time listing each part on every platform.

It makes listings more appealing providing more informative listings. Fast and friendly support when needed via whats app or support tickets also includes video guides and text based.

It's hard to get use to at first as so many features but when you get your head around it all makes life a lot easier and improves business overall highly recommend for off the shelf breakers yards.

Dan - Bold Street Car Dismantlers

We have been using BreakerPro for over 10 years and it has become an integral part of our daily work flow.

One of the things we find most useful are Ally and the team are constantly reviewing the software and regularly implementing new tools and features. Recent enhancements include handy safety recalls, the easy to use laser scanning and the mobile version of the app, all welcome features that make BreakerPro our go to application.

They are happy to listen to any ideas and improvements they think would enhance the software. This, coupled with third party integration and second to none support, we highly recommend the BreakerPRO software as an all round package for car dismantlers.

Paul - DK Salvage

BreakerPRO is the ultimate system for scrapyards for breaking parts. The system is user friendly. It allows you to upload multiple pictures and part numbers for each item. Making it easy for customers to identify what they are looking for and make sure the parts they are buying are correct.

It has helped us to manage our stock efficiently using bin locations. They have recently added all my products to Google Shopping and I have already seen an uptake in sales. They have built us an excellent website and their support system is on the ball.

They have also added custom features on to the system for me and are constantly striving to improve the system. Extremely satisfied with their product.

Sharlin - 3S Auto Spares

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