Minimum recommended hardware and software requirements

We have two sets of minimum recommended requirements.

Server / Main PC

This will be the main PC for BreakerPRO and the first one installed. The minimum requirements for this are higher because most of the work is completed using this PC

Client / additional PCs

Any additional licence purchased will be classed as a client PC. The minimum requirements for these are lower because the data is all stored on the main PC and pulled from there.

Server / Main PC Client / additional PCs
Operating System Windows 7 or above Windows 7 or above
Intel option
AMD equivalent
Core i5 or above
AMD Ryzen R5 or above
Core i3 or above
AMD Ryzen R3 or above
Memory / RAM 8GB or above 4GB or above
Hard Drive / HDD 256gb Solid State Drive &
1 TB Hard Disk Drive
256gb Solid State Drive
External Hard Drive 500GB or above 500GB or above
Internet This must be hardwired to your broadband router. Broadband speeds of 12Mbps or above are recommended. We recommend all PCs to be hardwired to your Broadband router. Broadband speeds of 12Mbps or above are recommended.
*Due to the volume of CPUs on the market it would be impossible to list them all here. These are suggestions only and there will be a number of other similarly performing CPUs. Check with a local IT expert.

BreakerPRO also recommends, but not necessary required in order to function:

Label Printer

  • This allows for parts to have a label attached with information concerning the part, with a QR code on it, which can be scanned using the Mobile App or BreakerPRO itself with a Barcode Scanner.
  • Our system works with a Zebra Printer, and we have partnered with a specialist to help you procure the printer recommended for use with BreakerPRO.
  • Simon Jackson, Managing Director, Spenic Limited, Unit 1, The Laurels, Stone, Berkeley, GL13 9LD, UK
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 1454 430 209 | Mobile: +44 (0) 7703 194 697 | Email:
  • Please note that we are unable to support any other label printer, only Zebra is supported.

Barcode Scanner

  • BreakerPRO can retrieve the part with a scanned barcode on a label rather than manually looking up a part, saving you time.
  • This can be wired or wireless, the only requirement is that the scanner needs to work on a PC and accept 2D QR barcodes.
  • These can be purchased on eBay or any other website that deals with barcode scanning equipment at an affordable price.

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